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Soft & Cloud is your reliable partner for all matters around used software and license management

Check the new possibilities available with licenses, used software and the cloud.

Secure licence transfer

The transfer of second-hand licenses at Soft & Cloud is done in a well-defined process, which is certified by TÜV IT*, an independent and renowned certification and quality assurance company in Europe.

This certification covers the purchase and the sale of licenses, for the security of our customers. This security includes the confirmation of compliance to the rules as defined by the European Court of Justice (ECJ) and the availability of the required documents. It also confirms that only legitimately acquired licenses are sold. Our customers receive confirmation of this compliance with each order.

*TÜV Informationstechnik GmbH, Essen (Unternehmensgruppe TÜV NORD)

You can buy used software licenses

Save money with second-hand software and licensing with our expert support.

  • We deliver used software licenses reliably

  • We check your license contracts for optimal value and recommended changes

You can sell your software license assets

You invested significant budget in software assets that you are no longer using.

  • We purchase your software licenses (especially volume licenses), so you recover asset value for your next investments

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