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Microsoft® Office 2021 Professional Plus

The Office Professional Plus package with the largest scope includes the programs Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook, Publisher, Access and Teams. The Professional Plus version from Microsoft® is for demanding users.

Microsoft® has only optimized its Office software package in many respects and has not brought any major innovations this time.

Among the expected innovations, as with Microsoft® Office 2021 Standard, is the optimized and improved dark mode in Word. In this modified mode, the background of the active text document is also displayed darkly so that the user is not blinded even in low light conditions.

System requirements for Microsoft® Office 2021 is mandatory Windows 10 or Windows 11.

With the used software Microsoft® Office 2021 Professional Plus you get a high-quality program with which you can effectively use all functions, as with a first purchase - because software does not wear out.

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Extensive software collection - legally compliant and affordable

Word: For years, Word has been an integral part of Microsoft. Creating, editing, formatting and designing documents together are a big highlight here. Numerous tools for individual design are available to them.

Excel: Countless possibilities with a wide range of features and functions. The simple navigation for the many functions makes it easy for the user to use. Benefit from numerous shortcuts and individual formulas.

PowerPoint: Professional presentations not only for professional users, but also for inexperienced users. Numerous templates are available to them, should this not be to your liking, they simply browse online comprehensive additional templates. Invite other users to collaborate on your presentation and leave more than just enthusiasm at your next presentation.

Outlook: Complex program with numerous features. Benefit from an integrated scanner that thoroughly examines all attachments for incoming emails. Harmful attachments, Outlook 2021 removes safely and automatically. Save time and effort with the practical user interface.

Publisher: Creative minds take note - the latest version of Publisher provides them with numerous tools and an intelligent interface. Creativity is capitalized here. Publisher is just right for professional print products and online content.

Access: Absolute market leader for efficient work with databases. Achieve precise results with improved overview.

Teams: Successful hybrid work for internal and external collaboration with which they can hold versatile meeting - no matter from where the individual team members work.

Other features: Capture a wide variety of information quickly and easily with their One Note digital notebook. Buy Microsoft® Office 2021 Professional Plus used and benefit. Get the complete package at an unbeatable price when you buy Microsoft® Office 2021 Professional Plus used from Soft & Cloud.

The advantages of used software

  • NO MISCELLANEOUS: The top benefit of used software
  • VERY HIGH SAVINGS: Savings of up to 70% compared to "new" licenses are not uncommon when using used software
  • OCCASIONALLY ACQUISITION OF UPDATE RIGHTS: Depending on the license model you can occasionally acquire update rights when buying used software, if volume licenses are involved.
  • OCCASIONALLY DOWNGRADE RIGHTS: With used volume licenses, you often receive downgrade rights that allow you to use older software as used software. Such rights are usually excluded with full package products

Microsoft® Office 2021 Professional Plus used buy and sell:

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Software licenses offer numerous advantages for companies as well as for private use. If you want to save your wallet, used software from Soft & Cloud is the ideal solution. Due to a ruling of the European Court of Justice, trading with used licenses is now also possible with us - convince yourself of this concept.

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  • Price savings of up to 70%: An expensive IT budget does not have to be: When you buy Microsoft® Office 2021 Professional Plus used, you can even save up to 70% of the original price:
  • Update rights: In addition to your license, you also receive update rights with used software in many casees.
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FAQ -Questions Microsoft Office as used software

Is it legal to buy Microsoft Office as used software?

Yes, buying Microsoft Office as used software is legal. Courts have repeatedly confirmed that buying a software license entitles you to resell it even if you no longer need it. A prerequisite for the legal sale of used Microsoft Office licenses is, of course, that the seller no longer uses them. If you want to be on the safe side, you should buy Microsoft Office as used software from a trustworthy provider.

Which versions of Microsoft Office can I buy as used software from you?

At Soft & Cloud, we offer you a large selection of Microsoft Office versions. This is constantly updated, so depending on availability, new versions can also be added. Among other things, you will find:

  • Microsoft Office 2021 Standard & Professional Plus
  • Microsoft Office 2019 Standard & Professional Plus
  • Microsoft Office 2016 Standard & Professional Plus

Take a look at our offer right here and check if the version you need is in stock.

How much can I save when I buy Microsoft Office as used software?

When buying used software, you can expect savings of up to 70%. This makes the purchase of used licenses particularly interesting for companies that want to purchase Microsoft Office in large quantities, for example. But even small quantities can result in considerable budget savings, especially if, for example, you purchase upgrade-eligible licenses and can thus obtain an up-to-date Microsoft Office version at a significantly lower price.

How many Microsoft Office volume licenses can I buy from Soft & Cloud?

At Soft & Cloud, there is no limit to your license purchase. You can therefore buy exactly as many Microsoft Office volume licenses as you need for your purposes. Please note that we are constantly acquiring new software licenses and thus expanding our range. We will be happy to advise you on which licenses you need and help you obtain a sufficient number.

Where do used Microsoft Office volume licenses come from?

When you buy Microsoft Office as used software from us, you get licenses from a reliable source. We purchase our licenses from companies that no longer need them and legally pass them on to us, or from overcapacities. When purchasing, we adhere to the applicable legal situation. We also prove this with the TÜV-IT seal.

Used software costs you little. Asking costs you nothing.

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