Licensing IT systems correctly is a challenge

Order in the licensing jungle

Devices and servers change, virtual machines are created or moved, employees leave the company or new ones join. Remote workstations are set up and entire corporate IT departments are outsourced to the cloud.

Keeping an overview is difficult. We help you to bring order into the license chaos.

What is it anyway?

Software Asset Management

Software Asset Management (SAM) helps organizations control and optimize the use of software across the enterprise by leveraging a set of IT best practices that link people, processes and technology. (Microsoft)

Complete clarity about the IT infrastructure!

Companies often lack transparency within the IT licensing landscape. Conversely, this means that decisions are made based on a lack of information - often to the detriment of the company.

Right now, IT needs to drive digital transformation, create and connect new workspaces and opportunities, while keeping costs down. 

Measuring on-premise IT usage is complex, the licensing landscape appears confusing in some cases, and at the same time software vendors are increasing the pace of audits. 


1. Inventory and cataloging of software.

Analysis of software titles on your company's servers, PCs and workstations. We use the professional solution of Octopus, which was developed by Microsoft managers and since then has become the standard of the best analysis software in the world. 

2. Match licenses with software

Determination of license records for all software titles used on servers, PCs and workstations. We document all results and create the perfect starting point for the digital future of your company

3. Review and creation of policies and procedures

We assist you in reviewing and developing policies and procedures and work with you to ensure they apply and are comprehensive. 

4. Implementation and maintenance of a SAM plan

We keep the process moving for you by including software usage policies, regular software inventory reviews, employee training, and management in the ongoing process.


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