The first provider with TÜV - IT - certified license transfer

Legal certainty gives Soft & Cloud right

At Soft & Cloud, used software is safe. This is ensured by the license managers, who check each individual license for origin and right of use, thus fulfilling the documentation obligation. These transparent and careful checking processes have been confirmed by TÜV Informationstechnik GmbH in Essen. The seal is a sign of individually adapted processes that take into account the current legal situation.

Active protection against over-licensing and under-licensing
Overlicensing means avoidable costs for you. Underlicensing could result in penalties in the event of an audit. Both are avoidable. Soft & Cloud license consultants will check your license actual state on request and ensure that the target state is established for your company.

The Soft & Cloud audit support
An audit by the software manufacturer often triggers unease in the companies concerned. With Soft & Cloud, you can face an audit in a relaxed manner. The Soft & Cloud audit consultants share their wealth of experience with you, check your license inventory and prepare you in the best possible way for the upcoming audit.

Soft & Cloud meets all criteria of a secure license transfer

The TÜV-IT certificate

Soft & Cloud is the first used software reseller whose license transfer has been certified by the TÜV Informationstechnik GmbH certification body. For the second time since 2015, Soft & Cloud has met all requirements and can thus guarantee the origin and audit security of all licenses. TÜV-IT audits the license transfer based on numerous parameters. The evaluation criteria for secure license transfer were created on the basis of the ECJ ruling C-128/11 of 03.07.2012 and take into account the requirements made there for the marketing of used software licenses. All of these criteria are met in full by Soft & Cloud.

Revolutionary transfer process - developed by Soft & Cloud

Licence on Blockchain

With License on Blockchain, Soft & Cloud offers customers an approach to clearly display software licenses on the Ethereum blockchain.
This makes it possible for the first time to consistently map software licenses for different software products and to map a simple process. You can see at any time how software licenses are verified on the blockchain.
Soft & Cloud offers you free use of the blockchain as an additional option to the normal license transfer. This way, when you buy used licenses, you additionally use the currently most secure technology to secure transactions. In addition, you have an overview of the licenses purchased via Blockchain in your personal wallet and can view the license chain anonymized via hashtags as well as the certificate there.

Your advantages with Licence on Blockchain:

    SECURE: The most secure technology for transactions
    TRANSPARENCY AND LICENSE CHAIN: All information is stored in the blockchain
    COST-EFFECTIVE: Free of charge for you as a customer
    FAST: Process takes only a few minutes