Trade with used software requires great knowledge

Soft & Cloud understands what it sells

It is only understandable that uncertainty arises among your company's budget managers when considering the sometimes large investment sums for volume licenses. This is due to the fact that trading in used software has only been allowed since 2012 by a landmark ruling of the ECJ. The knowledge about this has not yet penetrated to all decision makers. But Soft & Cloud also understands you when your IT concepts are highly complex. We answer your licensing questions in connection with hybrid server concepts, core licensing, relicensing and similarly difficult topics. Know-how, transparency and trust are essential pillars of our business model. Your license consultants will answer any of your questions about used software and licensing. Talk to your Soft & Cloud licensing consultants now to find the right software and performance for your business.

Post-purchase support
Buyback options for all licenses
Re-licensing of individual workstations
Upgrading and downgrading software versions
Individual support during audits

The Soft & Cloud licensing process

Structured for the best solution

Soft & Cloud means methodical licensing. All processes are defined from the outset, legally compliant and efficient. From the first call to implementation, Soft & Cloud’s licensing experts work transparently, so you can easily follow every step.

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Initial contact
Analyzing and optimizing your licensing contracts
Purchasing our used software
TÜVIT-certified and/or blockchain-based license transfer
Deployment in your company