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The Soft & Cloud Experts

Soft & Cloud only employs professionals who have a perfect command of the skills in their field. Thanks to them, Soft & Cloud always finds the best solution for companies that rely on used software. We have the most qualified personnel to assist you in every step, from the first question to an audit.

There are good reasons to rethink software. Save up to 70% on software purchases.

Used Software is Advantageous for your Company

Easily explained:

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Used software from Soft & Cloud is well worth it.

Certified, Safe, and up to 70% Cheaper

“TÜV IT GmbH has now awarded the company an official certificate that confirms the secure transfer of software licenses as the first dealer of used software ever.”

Certified licenses with guaranteed usage rights

Legal Certainty is Important to Soft & Cloud

Used software is safe at Soft & Cloud. This is ensured by our license managers who check each individual license for their origin and right of use and thus fulfill the documentation requirement. These transparent and careful testing processes were confirmed by TÜV Informationstechnik GmbH in Essen. This is a seal of approval of our customized processes, taking into account the current legal landscape.

Buy or sell used software.

Soft & Cloud is the Right Place

If you need high-quality software and want to reduce costs while shopping, Soft & Cloud is your contact. We can provide you with the used software that suits your exact needs. Whether it’s Microsoft Office, Microsoft Visio, Microsoft Project, or other program packages, at Soft & Cloud you will get the software you need in different versions and release years at a special low price.

Our Software Products

Soft & Cloud GmbH has a large product availability with the great majority of Microsoft licenses as a second-hand product, including the latest versions soon after their release.

The following list is a non-exhaustive example. Do contact us with your request!


Soft & Cloud is in the know
Important Information About Used Software

Used software is worthwhile

The Main Advantages

Used software is up to 70% cheaper and that is the biggest difference from buying it new. You will receive the same quality as from the manufacturer, including update and downgrade rights. The big advantage: You will pay significantly less and can thus greatly reduce your budget.

Soft & Cloud is interested in your questions

The Most Common Questions

Used software saves costs. Questions do not cost you anything.

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The Soft & Cloud license experts are different professionals who have a perfect command of their area. Thanks to them, Soft & Cloud always finds the best solution for companies that rely on used software. Soft & Cloud has exactly the right personnel for every step, from the first question through to the audit.

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