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Software licenses used

Soft & Cloud deals with any rights to use computer programs, so-called software licenses. Regardless of the license model and the specific application, many contracts can be transferred smoothly to a new user.

No matter if it is cloud licenses, volume contracts, OEM versions or similar. We buy and sell software licenses or help with brokerage.

The use of used software is worthwhile in any case. You can achieve savings of 30% and more and thus sustainably relieve the IT budget in your company. Look through our offer and find the right software license for you at a much lower price.


The bill works out for you

A large investment becomes smaller

Used software and cloud solutions are absolutely equivalent to new software in terms of functionality, security, support and quality. The only thing that shows signs of wear and tear is the price, which is up to 70% lower than the new price for Soft & Cloud. The reason: software licenses are not a physical product, but merely rights of use. Soft & Cloud acquires these usage rights from excess capacities, such as insolvencies or company mergers, in order to convey them to companies that need these licenses. Software is not an optional purchase for many companies, but an obligation in order to be able to work uniformly and successfully. With used software from Soft & Cloud, you exploit a great savings potential, which relieves your IT budget considerably. At the same time, Soft & Cloud manages to cover even the largest software demands directly through a large, Europe-wide network. No restrictions, no security concerns, permanent availability as well as update and downgrade rights. You too can rely on used software from Soft & Cloud - inexpensive and audit-proof.

Soft & Cloud has the licenses you need and takes back what you don't need

Buy and sell used software

Our product range includes many popular software products for many different industries. Feel free to click through our products or take a look at our references and industries.

Buy used software

If you have used software that you no longer need, you can easily sell it to us. Of course, we also give our assistance at every step, so that everything happens according to your wishes.

Sell used software