Used Microsoft licences

A used Microsoft Server license means full performance at a lower price

With a used Microsoft Server license from Soft & Cloud, you can permanently reduce your IT costs without having to sacrifice performance and support. We offer you a large selection of used licenses for various Microsoft servers such as Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Exchange Server and Windows Server.

In addition to the respective Microsoft Server license, you can also buy any CALs (Client Access Licenses) required to access the respective server software from us at a reasonable price.

Windows Server functions at a glance:

Windows Server is a server application for companies. Based on this platform, a company-specific infrastructure of connected applications, networks and numerous web services can be set up, from a simple workgroup to a large data center. Windows Server offers numerous functions and features, such as Active Directory, DHCP, print services and convenient Windows Update Services, as well as secure access to company resources and applications.

Exchange Server functions at a glance:

Microsoft's Exchange Server is the data centre for managing emails, appointments, contacts and tasks - with integrated malware and spam filtering as well as data loss prevention to prevent data from being accidentally sent to unauthorised persons. In addition to a Microsoft Exchange server, you also need a Windows server for use in the company.

SQL Server functions at a glance:

The Microsoft SQL Server software is a relational database management system for applications in the corporate environment such as data warehousing, BI or big data. The SQL Server from Microsoft, especially in the current version Microsoft SQL Server 2022, allows you to choose between different development languages and a variety of data types and operating systems. It can prepare and provide data in a wide variety of forms; thanks to real-time intelligence, even extensive analyses are possible in real time.

Comparison of different versions:

Windows Server 2016, 2019, 2022

Windows Server 2016 makes it possible to combine local hard disks into a logical pool so that a SAN no longer needs to be set up. Also new in this version is the block-based replication service Storage Replica, which keeps the data of two independent volumes synchronized, as well as Active Directory Federation Services for advanced user management.

With Windows Server 2022, secured-core servers with extended security features of certified hardware and the integration of cloud services with Azure Arc have been realized for the first time. The software relies on HTTPS with TLS 1.3 as standard and offers SMB AES-256 encryption as well as numerous other encryption options.

Exchange Server 2016, 2019

Microsoft Exchange Server 2016 comes with a simplified architecture and a new Outlook on the web and offers better protection against data loss through data loss prevention. There are also additional functions for monitoring, a faster search and the intelligent mailbox.

The proven search technology from Microsoft's Bing search engine has been integrated into Microsoft Exchange 2019 for the first time, simplifying searches and providing faster results. The calendar has also been optimized to make it easier to share calendar entries, for example.

You can use both versions as Exchange on Premise, i.e. install and operate them on your own hardware; an important aspect for the most comprehensive data protection possible and limiting costs.

SQL Server 2017, 2019

Microsoft SQL Server 2017 offers a wide range of new database engine functions and improvements, such as the SQL Server 2017 Master Data Service (MDS) and SQL Server 2017 Integration Services (SSIS). There are also new dynamic administration layers. The Database Optimization Advisor has new options and offers improved performance.

Microsoft SQL Server 2019 integrates scalable big data clusters, data visualization with PolyBase and intelligent query processing. There is also improved monitoring of the performance of database workloads. The development environment has also been expanded and equipped with new functions that are available to you after the Microsoft SQL Server 2019 download and licensing.

What is the difference between a used Microsoft Server license and buying a new license?

After installation, you must license your Microsoft server in order to be able to use it beyond the evaluation phase. The licenses offered by Microsoft do not differ in the slightest from the used license you can buy from Soft & Cloud. However, the cost of a used Microsoft Server license is up to 70% lower than a new license directly from the manufacturer.

In terms of support in the form of updates and patches, the right to downgrade, the range of functions and the period of use, you are just as well off with used server and access licenses from Soft & Cloud as buyers of new licenses. You can and may also resell your licenses if you no longer use the software. In short: With used server licenses, you simply save a lot of money - TÜVIT-certified and 100% audit-proof. We even assume liability for this!

Used software costs you little. Asking costs you nothing.
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