A cryptographic approach for a secure license chain

Soft & Cloud's License on Blockchain

When it comes to cryptocurrencies, blockchain is familiar to many. However, this approach is by no means limited to Bitcoin etc., but plays the role of a decentralized accounting system to Soft & Cloud and its customers. Through LoB (License on Blockchain), Soft & Cloud links records – in this case license information – in a list using a cryptographic process. The advantage: License transactions are connected to the same license’s previous transaction. This gives buyers a guarantee of origin. In addition, it is impossible to manipulate the existence or content of any transaction, as the resulting calculation inconsistencies would be noticeable immediately. Soft & Cloud has recognized blockchain’s potential and is the first and (as of 2018) so far, only company in the world to use this technology to transfer used software licenses.

A simple explanation:

License on Blockchain

Revolutionary transfer process – developed by Soft & Cloud

Licence on Blockchain

With License on Blockchain, Soft & Cloud offers customers a way to clearly display software licenses on Ethereum blockchain. For the first time, this allows software licenses for different software products to be mapped consistently and to map a simple process. You can see at any time how software licenses are verified in the blockchain. Soft & Cloud offers you free use of the blockchain as an additional option to regular license transfers. This means that when you purchase used licenses, you also use the safest technology available to secure transactions. What’s more, you have an overview of the licenses purchased via blockchain in your personal wallet and can view the license chain, anonymized via hashtags, as well as the certificate.

The benefits of License on Blockchain: 
  • SECURE: The safest technology for transactions
  • TRANSPARENCY AND LICENSE CHAIN: All information is stored in the blockchain
  • COST-EFFECTIVE: Free for you as a customer
  • FAST: It only takes a few minutes