Excellent working conditions: Soft & Cloud is Employer of the Future and Top Company 2023

In today's competition for talent, it is more important than ever for companies to position themselves as attractive employers. Particularly in times of a shortage of skilled workers and constant change, they need to drive digital transformation, innovation and employee friendliness in order to hold their own in the labor market.

We are therefore particularly proud that Soft & Cloud has been named "Employer of the Future" and "Top Company 2023". These awards reflect our commitment to create the best working conditions for our employees and to continuously promote them. Likewise, the seals further encourage our efforts to prepare for the future and to position ourselves sustainably and competitively.

Top Company 2023

We are "Top Company 2023"! This award is given annually by the kununu platform to companies that perform particularly well in its ranking. Kununu is one of the leading platforms for employer ratings, where employees can share their experiences and opinions about their current or former employer. Companies that have received particularly good ratings on the platform and offer their employees a special working environment are recognized with the "Top Company" seal - an award that only 5% of companies on this platform receive. We also had to meet a number of requirements, including at least six published employee reviews, an overall score of at least 3.8 stars, and an average review score of 3.8 stars over the past twelve months. Based on our 100% recommendation rate and average rating of 4.9 out of a possible 5 stars, we have qualified for this seal. A special award that reflects the high satisfaction of our employees and our positive working environment.

Employer of the future

The "Employer of the Future" seal is awarded by the German Institute for Sustainability and Digitalization (DIND). The prestigious award is based on a multi-stage review process in which companies can score points in five assessment criteria. These criteria include:

  • Modern leadership
  • Innovative strength
  • Status of digital transformation
  • Employee friendliness
  • Recruiting strategies

Modern leadership is an essential part of motivating and supporting employees. At Soft & Cloud, we ensure this leadership style through flat hierarchies, short communication channels and a duz culture. By reviewing the power of innovation, the DIND ensures that the company can continue to develop in the future. The state of digital transformation strengthens the competitiveness of companies while creating a modern working environment. Employee friendliness has a high priority at Soft & Cloud. Therefore, we focus on flexible working hours, diverse training opportunities and an open communication culture. Recruiting strategies ensure the recruitment of talent and the development of long-term employee relationships. Soft & Cloud relies on targeted measures here to attract qualified professionals and build a diverse workforce.

When reviewing the assessment criteria, DIND does not focus on individual aspects, but rather on the holistic future viability of companies in economic, ecological, social and digital terms. DIND understands the importance of these factors and evaluates companies accordingly to ensure they are up to the challenges of the future. The "Employer of the Future" award confirms that we at Soft & Cloud excel in the aforementioned areas and that we are up to the challenges of the constantly changing labor market.

A look behind the scenes: Interview with Leonie Huber, Marketing Manager
What actually makes Soft & Cloud such a successful employer? To answer this question, we talk to our Marketing Manager, Leonie Huber. A brief look behind the scenes, about the working atmosphere, work-life balance and working conditions.

Leonie, how would you describe the working atmosphere at Soft & Cloud?

The working atmosphere at our company is very pleasant. We are on first-name terms at all levels, talk to each other a lot and, above all, openly. We work together as a team and support each other. Our communication is always respectful and at eye level. It is important to us that we are always open to questions and comments.

That sounds good! How does Soft & Cloud promote such a positive and motivating work environment for employees?

We believe that a positive working environment is promoted above all when time is taken for each other and people meet as people - regardless of position. Our team is aware of how important mutual appreciation is. That's why we treat each other with respect at all times and are happy to express honest praise and thanks. We also have discussions about what employees expect from their jobs and employers, and vice versa. In this way, we are able to respond to our employees individually and create an optimal working relationship. Good communication plays an important role in creating a good working environment. To ensure an optimal flow of communication regarding company developments, a meeting is held once a month with the entire team, in which developments and goals are presented and discussed together.

Work-life balance is a top priority at Soft & Cloud. How is the work-life balance of employees supported?

We are aware that everyone has a different daily routine - we like to support our employees in finding their own way to strike a balance between work and leisure. We believe that family and leisure time should never be neglected. To this end, we offer flexible working hours without core working hours and deliberately avoid weekend work. In addition, employees can work from their home office. To ensure that our employees have enough time to relax, we offer 30 days of vacation per year. On top of that, Christmas and New Year's Eve are always free.

What additional measures does Soft & Cloud take to offer its employees optimal working conditions?

We create optimal working conditions for our employees by providing them with state-of-the-art technical equipment. In doing so, we take individual requirements into account and are happy to accommodate specific requests. In our company, height-adjustable desks and ergonomic desk chairs are a matter of course. We also have various recreation rooms and facilities for exchanging ideas, having lunch together or simply relaxing for a while. And for a bit of fun in the office, we have a pool table. Our offices also have air conditioning, daylight lamps and cell phone charging stations. We also ensure that fresh fruit is available every week.

How does Soft & Cloud promote the personal and professional development of its employees?

We offer individual support for our employees. We support their personal and professional development through targeted workshops and training. So you can come to us at any time to discuss individual development needs.

Leonie - thank you for the exciting insights behind the scenes at Soft & Cloud!