Microsoft SQL Server 2022 Standard: Focus on licensing costs and savings opportunities

Microsoft SQL Server 2022 is the latest version and undoubtedly a powerful and reliable database management system used in many companies worldwide. It offers extensive features and capabilities to store, manage and analyze data efficiently. Microsoft SQL Server 2022 offers numerous advantages, such as high data availability, high security and performance.

Higher licensing costs for SQL Server 2022 Standard

Before companies decide to purchase Microsoft SQL Server 2022, they should not neglect one significant point: the high price. The licensing costs for SQL Server 2022 can increase significantly depending on the number of processors and cores. This puts a heavy burden on the IT budget of companies, which can be an obstacle to the acquisition.

Cost-Effective Alternatives to Microsoft SQL Server 2022 Standard 2Core

Companies should therefore weigh up whether Microsoft SQL Server 2022 is the best option for their needs or whether they should opt for more cost-effective alternatives. One alternative is to purchase licenses that have already been in use. As a provider of used software licenses, we always recommend considering this option, as up to 50% of the cost can be saved. At the same time, companies can benefit from the same advantages and features.

Especially for companies looking for a cost-effective solution for storing, managing and analyzing their data, the Microsoft SQL Server 2019 version is an interesting option. It also offers numerous features and is compatible with most applications and tools used in companies.

Used licenses for Microsoft SQL Server Standard 2Core 2019 version offer significant savings

Our calculation example can clearly illustrate the benefits of buying software licenses that have been in use before: A company needs to license 16 cores to run its database. The price of a new Microsoft SQL Server 2022 license is about 4,000 euros per 2-core license. This means that the company would have to spend a total of about 32,000 euros to acquire the necessary licenses.

In comparison, the company could purchase used licenses for the Microsoft SQL Server 2019 version, as these licenses are much cheaper than the latest version. Suppose the company could purchase used licenses for about 2,000 euros per 2Core license. In this case, the company would spend a total of only about 16,000 euros to acquire all the licenses it needs. This represents a savings of 16,000 euros, or 50%, which the company could use for other purposes.

Conclusion: Relieve the IT budget

Microsoft SQL Server 2022 Standard is a powerful database management system with extensive features and capabilities. However, companies should take into account the high cost of licensing and consider alternative cost-effective options. Buying used software can be a very good option, as it allows for significant savings without sacrificing features and capabilities. With the Microsoft SQL Server 2019 release, the IT budget can be relieved even further. Companies should therefore carefully consider which option is best suited to their needs and budget.