Budget control also for used licenses

Software financing

Regardless of the industry or size of a company, IT departments are always faced with the complex task of having to provide the necessary resources at conditions that are compatible with business management. Software financing is an attractive alternative for this. The desired used solutions, applications and operating systems can be deployed following a proven financing model. Soft & Cloud AG as a provider of such contemporary solutions enables IT decision-makers to provide for the required equipment as needed and at favorable conditions. The costs are distributed over the financing period in a manageable and transparent manner, and the liquidity obtained by eliminating high individual investments can be used for other requirements.


Soft & Cloud relieves your budget through software financing

Advantages for your IT department

The advantages that result from the use of used software for IT departments are as follows:
Software does not wear out and is much cheaper to procure. The savings that can be achieved are up to 50% compared to the new price.
The advantages of financing are that liquidity is preserved and the distribution of royalties is spread over a longer period of time.

The commitment to finance the software is made within one working day. The management of software and licenses can thus be made significantly cheaper and easier in the company.

Cloud solutions offer a cost-effective way to get started. Asking costs you nothing.

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