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Microsoft® Exchange Server 2019 Standard

For years, the Exchange Server has provided efficient structures in companies all over the world. With the new version, Microsoft improves especially the security. The security measures have been significantly improved to protect your data in the best possible way.                    Microsoft® Exchange Server 2019 Standard used is ideal for small and medium-sized businesses, the standard function supports up to 5 mailbox databases.

With the used software Microsoft® Exchange Server 2019 Standard you get a high-quality program with which you can effectively use all functions, as with a first purchase - because software does not wear out.                 

Improved message infrastructure

Microsoft® Exchange Server 2019 Standard buy used

With the new Exchange Server 2019 Standard, not only security, but also performance and scalability have been significantly improved compared to the previous version. Of course, Microsoft retains the familiar basic comprehensive functions. For successful companies, efficient teamwork is becoming increasingly relevant in today's world. It has the potential to generate added value for employees, customers, partners and service providers - across departmental and company boundaries. Microsoft® Exchange Server 2019 Standard now also makes collaboration much easier for your company. On the one hand, there is the personalized inbox with useful functions that supports them in an intelligent and interactive way to organize themselves even better. With the new calendar solution, Microsoft® Exchange Server 2019 Standard now gives you a calendar that thinks for itself, far beyond the planning of appointments and tasks. For example, Exchange automatically finds flight and hotel bookings in your emails and suggests the most convenient meeting place.

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  • OCCASIONALLY DOWNGRADE RIGHTS: With used volume licenses, you often receive downgrade rights that allow you to use older software as used software. Such rights are usually excluded with full package products

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