The change in software use: cloud computing and used licenses

Ongoing digitalization is fundamentally changing the way software is used. Above all, the introduction of cloud computing and the emergence of software-as-a-service raise the question of whether it is more advantageous to use software in the cloud or on-premise, i.e. installed on a stationary basis. This is not an easy question to answer, as both approaches bring their own advantages and disadvantages. Increasingly, an interesting alternative is emerging: the combination of both approaches.

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Microsoft SQL Server 2022 Standard: focus on licensing costs and savings opportunities

Microsoft SQL Server 2022 is the latest version and undoubtedly a powerful and reliable database management system that is used in many companies around the world. Companies that decide to purchase Microsoft SQL Server 2022 can benefit from numerous advantages, including high availability of data, high security, performance and much more.

But there is one critical point that companies should consider before deciding to purchase Microsoft SQL Server 2022: the high price.

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